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ASA FIDC is a new investment solution in the Middle and Corporate credit markets. Its robust structure and experienced team, focusing on a detailed credit analysis and scattered credit allocation, provides security and sustainable returns to the investors.


Carlos Miguel Costa


The head of the ASA's credit fund has 35 years of market experience, 17 of them at Banco Safra, where he worked in the commercial and product areas, reaching the head of the Middle Market segment. With passages through BCN and Boston banks, Carlos Miguel has extensive knowledge and experience in the Middle Market segment, occupying leadership positions in these institutions.

Unique Features

The ASA FIDC has differentials, some of which are listed below. Be part of the fund managed with the ASA experience.

Team with extensive experience in the Corporate Credit market, focusing on the Middle and Large Corporate markets.

State-of-the-art technological solutions, combined with proprietary tools for selecting, granting, analyzing and controlling the credit portfolio.

Asset selection is done through a combination of meticulous credit modeling, high level of governance and efficient collateral control process.

Investment process

ASA FIDC seeks, through operations in the main regions of the country, to scatter its investments, focusing on risks control and opportunities addition, constantly preserving its governance and discipline in the investment process.

Processo de investimento do fundo ASA FIDC Source: ASA


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O ASA FIDC é destinado a Investidores Qualificados, nos termos da Resolução CVM 30/21. Verifique se a classificação de risco do fundo se enquadra ao seu perfil de investimento antes de investir.

São Paulo Offices:

Santos Augusta
Alameda Santos, 2159 - 5º, 7º, 8º, 9º e 10° Andares
Cerqueira César, São Paulo - SP, 01419-100

Edifício PJM
Alameda Santos, 1978 - 3º, 14º e 15º Andares
Cerqueira César, São Paulo - SP, 01418-102
Rio de Janeiro Office

Lagoa Corporate
Rua Humaitá, 275 - 10th floor
Humaitá, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22261-005
New York Office

Seagram Building
375 Park Avenue, Suite 3702
New York, NY, 10152
Miami Office

255 Giralda Avenue, 6th Floor (suite 106)
Coral Gables
Miami, FL 33134, EUA

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